Renee Caldwell

There it was. I studied it as intently as if I had come upon the Rosetta Stone. My certificate of completion signed by the FEES guru herself, Dr. Susan Langmore. I have traveled around blind corners, bumpy terrain, and most recently with Uber to what appears could be my final path in my professional career. Although, for myself, what looks like the end turns out to be a mirage.

I am Renee Caldwell, a Speech-Language Pathologist, member of ASHA Special Interest Group 13 (Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders), and owner and founder of Scoped. I completed my initial FEES coursework with Dr. Susan Langmore at the Boston University School of Medicine and furthered the aforementioned during my additional passes training under SEC Medical at Medstar Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore, MD. After brief, yet concise, introduction, one may be curious about the lesser paths through which I faithfully trudged and briefly poked.

I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with a PA teaching certification, and I was one course shy of minoring in psychology (those courses can really come in handy). I completed my undergraduate coursework at California University of Pennsylvania in three years and I was well on my way to conquering adulthood (one DP Dough bite at a time).

Remember when I compared my professional journey to uneven terrain?

Welp, while I was interviewing for teaching positions at local school districts, my grandfather, who listened to polka music and Kenny Chesney as he drove me to school my entire young adult life, suddenly moved into my parents’ home. He was diagnosed with early onset dementia and was unable to do many things that once came so naturally to him. The man who always emphasized education indirectly taught me that I wasn’t finished learning. I realized my love for the geriatric population during this difficult time, so I chose a career option where I could work with both age groups.

I returned to my Alma Mater, California University of Pennsylvania and enrolled as a “life-long learner” while taking the necessary coursework to apply to graduate school. Yes, the title “life-long learner” is an actual thing. Some are freshman, some are sophomores, and some are life-long learners (this girl). After completing my Masters in Speech-Language Pathology in 2008, I have worked in multiple settings with various age groups as a full-time employee as well as providing coverage part-time. I have supervised students from West Virginia University and California University of Pennsylvania for the past seven years, allowing me to share my knowledge and experiences with students working toward entering the profession.

My goals

My professional goal is to provide accessible, evidence-based, cost effective instrumental assessment to the tri-state area. My personal goal is to improve each person’s quality of life, one FEES at a time. So this is me, and this is why I have founded Scoped, the first and only mobile FEES provider in the tri-state area!


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