Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES)

By now you understand the research behind a Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing and are interested in bringing a mobile FEES company to your facility but, you don’t know how to approach your rehab manager or the administrator at your workplace. Well, just as “Rome wasn’t built in one day,” I can provide many resources that will help educate you and your team so the request comes naturally to you when you do ask for a “FEES, please”.

Are you unsure how to get the conversation going? Are you a new graduate and you’re not sure how to approach upper management? Contact me!

That’s right. Complete the provided contact information and include a little note saying, “Help Me! I want this at my facility but I’m not sure how to get it here” and I will contact you to learn key names from your facility so that I may give them a quick call. The process is “easy as pie.” I can provide a free inservice to your department and any other willing party while arranging a pricing agreement once services are agreed upon.

mobile FEES service

Do not be afraid to ask for a mobile FEES service because of the cost burdens associated with VFSS. Again, you are in luck! Not only is a FEES a quarter of the cost of a VFSS, but it has the potential to save your facility headaches and money! No, there is not a catch and no this is not a sales line. It is simply the truth. It costs approximately $1,600 to send one patient out for a VFSS. In addition to said price, the facility may have to pay for a staff member to accompany the patient to the outpatient appointment. That’s one staff member taken off of the floor unable to provide additional patient care. And remember, this is if the patient hasn’t been sent out to the hospital from aspiration, dehydration or some other preventable reason prior to the appointment. As those in the health industry know, turnaround time for such a case can take over seven days to get scheduled or processed (I will do my best to be there within 48 hours of request). Now, the facility is paying for a hospital readmission.

More importantly, a patient is now required to be treated in a hospital for a preventable disease which not only reduces their satisfaction of services received within your facility, but illness now consumes the patient due to poor scheduling. Lastly, I know how busy you are. I have worked for more than ten years in nursing facilities. I know the emphasis on treatment minutes and what happens if you or other team members miss minutes because of appointments. We are all human and at times a scheduler may forget to write an appointment time down on the weekly list or someone on the therapy team may forget to check the schedule one morning because a patient took longer than expected during their IADL. And let’s face it, most of the patients that receive a VFSS or FEES have other appointments such as dialysis, wound clinics, ENT, GI appointments, etc. It can be difficult for the entire therapy team members to get all of their minutes on a patient if said patient is being constantly sent out of facility for appointments. Everyone understands appointments are necessary, but wouldn’t it be nice to say, “FEES, please” and be able to bill 92526 dysphagia treatment code while assisting with the FEES procedure at the patient’s bedside? How many times have you read recommendations following a VFSS based on 1 bite or less than 20mL of a liquid consumed for a patient that you KNOW fatigues at meal time?

After the procedure, you will not be waiting and trying to decipher what “passed” means or request the speech pathology report of a VFSS because the hospital only sent the radiologists documentation that states, “please refer to speech pathology for full evaluation”. After assisting during the FEES, your will instruct the patient on compensatory strategies that you know they are capable of doing (because you know your patient best) and I will leave the detailed report with color photos before I leave.